Dallas Arboretum Celebrates Reopening

After months of closure, the Dallas Arboretum and Botanical Garden welcomed back visitors on June 1. Once again, the Arboretum will be able to show off its 66 acres of nature.

“The Arboretum is one of those places where you can come and enjoy yourself, really soak in nature and tranquility, let the anxiety go away, and just enjoy yourself,” Alan Walne, Dallas Arboretum board chairman, said.

While it is important to soak up nature, it is also vital to feel safe at the Arboretum. To keep visitors healthy, the Arboretum created a one-way, one-mile loop around the garden to minimize contact. Additionally, there is a limited capacity of 250 people per hour with a time limit of four hours. Colored wristbands indicate the length of time in which someone has spent in the garden.

Throughout the garden, every staff member wears a mask and there are frequent hand sanitizer stations.

“People should be very aware of the fact that when they come out, they are not going to feel, in any way, like they are creating a problem for themselves. You will have a very good time; you will feel comfortable,” Walne said.

Not knowing when the gardens would reopen, the staff maintained and groomed the gardens. The flowers are in full bloom, and the landscaping and nature radiate stark colors.

“We really want people to be out here. The garden needs people. Seeing people and how much people are enjoying it warms our hearts. That is what we want to see as crowds–crowds with social distancing– come back out,” Walne said.

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