Keep Pets Healthy Using At-Home Vet Care

While trying your best to keep healthy at home, it can be difficult to ensure your pets are healthy, too. But don’t fret, pet parents. Home veterinary services, like ReadiVet, come to you.

Visiting pet patients at home, Dallas-based Readivet takes extra precautions to practice social distancing. ReadiVet veterinarians complete pre-appointment items over the phone and limit in-person contact at each appointment. To increase safety, ReadiVet vets can also conduct appointments in a garage, backyard, or local park.

Benefits to at-home care include less stress on your pet while being transported back and forth to unfamiliar locations. It’s also less stressful for pet parents who are not only cautious to leave their homes, but may be unable to because of remote work or home schooling.

ReadiVet provides varying services like annual wellness checkups, physical exams, bloodwork, and vaccinations.

Click here to learn more about their services or to book an appointment.


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