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Education: Trinity Christian Academy
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What do you want to be when you grow up? Even as a kindergartener, Savannah Sims’ answer was anything but frivolous: She wanted to be a surgeon just like her neighbor.

Savannah, now a senior at Trinity Christian Academy, said that while her path has taken a few detours along the way, it has ultimately led her back to her kindergarten dream.

After becoming discouraged into choosing a more practical career as a middle schooler, the high schooler rediscovered her love for medicine while thriving in her math and science classes.

Before serving the community through medicine, Savannah chose to help in other ways. For the past six years, she’s volunteered with VNA Meals on Wheels. Along her pet food delivery route, Savannah enjoys the positive expressions of people she meets.

“By bringing pet food, I enable the clients to serve the friend that comforts them amidst hardship,” Savannah said. “I have loved contributing to both the behind
the scenes work and the deliveries that make Meals on Wheels such a beneficial program for the Dallas community.”

She’s also gotten office experience, interning at Phlox Capital Management, where she assisted with finance and client service.

As a varsity cheerleader and senior class president, Savannah has excelled in balancing academics, family, friends, and community service, a skill that’s enabled her to be a National Merit Finalist and President’s Volunteer Service Award recipient.

“I have learned that a balanced schedule is vital to performing well and enjoying each day.”

Savannah hopes to inspire girls just as her younger self was inspired by her neighbor, Dr. Vivian Dimas, to become a surgeon. Sustaining her lifelong desire to make a difference in the community, Savannah has learned to trust her kindergarten self after all.

Q: What do you love most about your community?

A: From witnessing my mom talk to an old high school friend as if a day hadn’t passed, to living in the house my grandmother grew up in, to winning the Fourth of July Park Cities Parade bike decorating like my mom did decades earlier, Dallas overflows with connections, community, and traditions. I appreciate how a community that values tradition also embraces progress.

Q: If you could buy a book (or rent a movie) for your neighbor, what would it be and why?

A: I would recommend Gilmore Girls which features mother-daughter duo that resembles my mom and me. I also see our community as a reflection of Stars Hollows in how we support each other as neighbors, business owners, and friends.

Q: What is your favorite local store?

A: White Rock Coffee, Adam Bomb latte

Q: Where is the best place in the Park Cities or Preston Hollow for a power lunch – what do you order?

A: Flower Child, Bird is the word wrap and Hibiscus iced tea

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