Remarkable Women: Elizabeth Fischer

Elizabeth Fischer is continuing her family’s tradition of entrepreneurship and volunteer work with Equest.

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Fischer, 32, launched her office supply company, ZerModus, in 2017.

“My career experience starts with the fact that I was raised by two entrepreneurs who had a crib for me in the office. I was raised to have a strong work ethic and always dreamed of having my own company just like my parents did,” she said. “Out of college, I went into sales, at the family business, in corporate real estate, then marketing… then, when I was 29 years old, I launched my startup ZerModus with a humble but successful Kickstarter campaign for the Everyday Visionary planner.

She now has a second product – the Everyday Human planner.

Her love of horses also started when she was a child.

“Growing up, my family had a ranch outside of Dallas. My mom got this Shetland pony for us, named Sunny,” Fischer said. “This pony… would try to rub me off on the fence every time I rode him. My mom would then bring him inside the house to apologize to me – and all was forgiven. Eventually, I began riding very competitively as a Hunter Jumper. I had the opportunity to work with a sports psychologist who taught me how to prepare for successful rounds by visualizing the course before I went into the arena. I carried over this practice to virtually anything I needed to prepare for in life, and it became a central component to my first product – the Everyday Visionary planner.”

She said her mother used to volunteer for Equest, a charity that offers equine-assisted activities and therapies to children and adults with diverse needs. Now, Fischer is chair of Equest’s Old Hollywood Gala April 25 at the Hyatt Regency.

PN: What’s your connection to the Park Cities/ Preston Hollow neighborhood?

EF: I grew up in Preston Hollow on Palomar as a little kid and went to Lamplighter for kindergarten and SMU for undergrad. My parents moved back to Preston Hollow later in life and were greeted back to the neighborhood with a bottle of Dom in their mailbox and a note that said: “Welcome to the Hood!” Now, if only we got those kinds of neighborly gifts on the more affordable side of Midway Hollow – where I live now.

PN: What do you feel is your biggest success?

EF: At this phase of my life and my career, I would have to say that my biggest success has been the mere fact that I keep finding the courage to move towards things that terrify me. I think the biggest obstacle we have to overcome is self-doubt or stories that we tell ourselves to keep us safely nestled in our comfort zones. But that’s not where the magic happens. And I want to spend my time in this life finding all of the magic I can get.

PN: Biggest inspirations in your professional or personal life?

EF: I think my biggest inspiration is whenever I see fellow entrepreneurs doing work that matters to them beyond the profits and that they are bringing their vision to life in a way that truly empowers everyone who touches their brand.

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