It’s a Girl! Kid Biz Owners Welcome First Grandbaby

Jay and Janet Finegold have been outfitting the children of Preston Hollow and Park Cities for more than 30 years, but recently, they got even more incentive to stay on the cutting edge of fun kids fashions, and her name is Josephine.

The husband-and-wife team, who own Kid Biz and The Biz in Inwood Village, welcomed their first grandchild, Josephine Rose White, last month. Josephine – or JoJo – is the first child for their daughter, Erin Finegold White, and her husband, Justin.

“It is the coolest thing,” a beaming Janet said during a break at the store last week.

“We’ve been waiting forever for this,” agreed Jay.

“I feel like our family, everybody has grandchildren – and our friends, everybody has grandchildren,” Janet added. “I think we’re the last, or close to the last.”

All this time, the two have been buying and selling children’s clothes, as well as hosting events and parties, at their two stores that are now at Inwood Village, and the Plaza at Preston Center before that.

“We’re outfitting the kids of kids that used to visit our store,” said Jay. “One thing is for sure, we’ve been in it a long time. The question was if we’d been in it too long, and I guess now we have a reason to keep it going.”

And, it goes without saying, their granddaughter will now be the best-dressed infant in all of Dallas, if her doting grandparents have any say.

Going to market to choose new lines and pieces for their store has become a whole new adventure, too, said Janet.

“I have a totally new eye,” she said. “We didn’t know if it was a boy or girl, so I’ve been kind of, ‘Well, we’ll take a few more little boy things just in case …”

“And we didn’t know exactly what size the baby was gonna be – so just about everything has been a little big,” she added. “So I’m trying to regroup and find a little newborn sizes cause she’s only about six pounds right now. So she’s just pretty tiny.”

And just like her mother and two aunts modeled for the family business, the Finegolds expect that Josephine will also take a turn.

“Of course,” Janet said. “She’s already modeling Posh Peanut, which is a line we carry.”

While the two haven’t been pressed into babysitting just yet, “they say it will be included in our job responsibilities,” Janet said.

Knowing our daughter and our son in law, they like to take care of themselves, too,” Jay agreed. “We’ll be handling some duties – there’s no question about it. And that’s what grandparents are here for. We’re just pleased as punch that they’re in town.

And while they haven’t been babysitting just yet, they said they’ve been making regular trips over to bring meals and supplies to the young family.

The two said it’s been fun to watch their daughter and son-in-law turn into parents overnight, too.

“I’ve been trying to keep my mouth shut,” Janet chuckled. “But you know, they’re new parents, so they’re a little bit on the nervous side. Yesterday, they were so funny and they said the baby started crying, which she hardly does – you hardly hear a peep out of her. She’s barely a week old yet.”

“And they said she started crying and they looked at each other like, ‘What are we supposed to do?’ And one of them, goes, ‘Try the pacifier,'” she continued.”And it worked. And I said, ‘See, you already learn something. You already know she likes pacifiers.'”

“But I’m just letting them do their thing – you know, if they ask for help,” Janet added. “But I’m not going to go barging in and be that mother-in-law.”

While the two grandparents are over the moon, they also look forward to having possibly more grandchildren to dress some day. Both their other daughters live in New York, and are not yet married, “but we hope one day,” Jay said.

“Someday,” Janet said.

“But no, it’s a wonderful feeling,” Jay said. “Everybody’s told us that, and I knew it would be –  no one needed to tell us that. It’s a great feeling.”

To see more of baby Josephine’s eventual modeling career, follow Kid Biz on Instagram.

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