Birthday Project Announces Scholarship with 80s Throwback

Paige Chenault and Franchesca Jennings

Under the glow of a graffiti lined wall, guests rocked out in neon tracksuits, poofy sequined dresses, fanny packs, leg warmers, and crimped side ponies to celebrate the Birthday Project’s 8th birthday.

Held at the Bomb Factory decked out with disco balls, boomboxes, VHS tapes, and arcade games on Saturday, January 25th, the non-profit’s largest fundraiser contributes to its mission of bringing joy to homeless children through birthday celebrations.

“We want to alleviate roadblocks that children often face when they experience homelessness,” said Paige Chenault, founder and ‘Chief Birthday Enthusiast.’

Dressed as an astronaut, Chenault announced the Birthday Party Project Scholarship, along with first recipient Franchesca Jennings, a 17 year old who has experienced homelessness in the past and now plans to attend college in the Fall.

“Here are so many kids we celebrate with extraordinary stories of perseverance – and sometimes all a kid needs is for someone to give them a little boost so they can see what’s possible.” -Paige Chenault

Chenault honored Amanda and Ford Albritton and Emily and Walter Clarke for their support. Notable guests included Lindsay Billingsley, Meredith and Seth Koschak, Tess and Ian Kinsler, Hannah Kohler, Maggie Kipp, and Julian Leaver.

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