2020: Perfect Vision

2020. It conjures up perfect vision. Wouldn’t that be nice in the new year?

Yet for many, the world seems strangely out of focus.

2020 will be an unusual year. On Feb. 29, the ladies can do the romantic ask since it’s a Leap Year.

It’s an Olympic year with the summer games in Tokyo.

In the Chinese calendar, it’s the year of the Rat, specifically the White Metal Rat (Just Google it. I can’t explain). And for all of us, it’s drumroll… a Presidential Election Year as if anybody could forget that.

The number twenty signifies completion in numerology, but methinks double twenties mean volatility: in geopolitics, the weather, the stock market, and just everyday life. Stock up on Maalox.

Then here comes the Great Migration. Buckle up. It’s now not just Central America to the south; California is headed here. It seems “Go West young man” was heeded, and it got crowded for the manifest destiny folks. So many businesses are putting GTT on their doors like pioneers of old and are headed not only to Texas but specifically Dallas. Already, like Los Angeles, we’re becoming one big freeway. Will the Red State turn purple? Will Valleyspeak infect our Texas twang? Will the buckle of the Bible belt be replaced by sansabelt? Dunno. But since it’s New Year’s, let’s give everybody a big Texas “Howdy” and drawl on. They’ll acclimate.

How much more “new normal” can you take?

I used to believe that the old French maxim, “the more things change, the more they remain the same.”

Now I’m not so sure.

On the upside, maybe in 2020, there will be significant scientific breakthroughs and more kindness as everybody sees the Mr. Rogers movie.

Maybe the Presidential Medal of Freedom will be awarded for the person(s) who stop robocalls.

Maybe there will be a nationwide one-day cellphone hack that causes all phones to lock up, and people will actually look up and look around.

But with all the alertness that comes from our January obsession with cutting back on food and drink and pumping iron, it’s an excellent time to clean out, throw out, reboot, and lighten up.

My 20/20 vision predicts change is coming.

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Len Bourland

The views expressed by columnist Len Bourland are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of People Newspapers. Email Len at lenbourland@gmail.com.

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