Blue Man Group Leaves Dallas Speechless

There are some things in life one has to see with their very own eyes. Blue Man Group is on that list.

The sensation kicked off its three-day stop in Dallas last night at the Winspear Opera House–as part of Dallas Summer Musical.

Considered “euphoric celebrations of human connection through art, music, comedy and non-verbal communication,” Blue Man Group impresses, and not just visually.

While their 90-minute act had the crowd laughing, dancing, singing, and saying hello, many were left speechless by the end, wondering what the trio was trying to convey. And honestly, it is something you have to think about.

In true Blue Man fashion, and without uttering a single word, the group challenges the audience to inspire, explore, and realize that we are all humans–a message that nearly 35 million people have been reminded of since three friends working at a New York catering company started the group in 1987.

The busy set is filled with dozens of computer screens (it kind of reminded me of Dear Evan Hansen) that lit up. In them, though, you see one of the many messages, the group is hoping to get across–at least in my opinion. During a rather impressive drum battle, thumbs-up emojis fill the screen and quickly turn to thumbs down. The band tries harder to impress, and the thumbs-down emojis grow.

Some of my favorite highlights from the show include the band’s incredible percussion skills, comedic timing, and the memorable lesson that if you’re going to sneak a can of Diet Coke into the theater, don’t sit in the front row of a Blue Man Group concert–they will dig through your stuff.

Their Speechless tour will be in Dallas through Saturday. Tickets are available here.


Bianca R. Montes

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