Best of 2019: Pastors Reflect on Experiences as Dads, Children

Editors Note: As 2019 turns into 2020, we’re taking the opportunity to look back at some of our best and biggest stories of the year. This piece by Bianca Montez, then managing editor, was one of those pieces.

The best advice my father gave me was never to expect someone – specifically men – to do something for me that I could do myself.

Ahead of his time, my dad was all about the female empowerment movement and wanted his “baby girl” to be an independent woman; fiercely independent he would later call me.

Those words instilled a strength in me that has been the foundation of my faith.

Those words and that faith has also given me the fortitude to step out of some of the darkest moments in life, the determination to put myself through college in my 30s, the grit to be my father’s caretaker for more than a decade – years where he lost his ability to do just about anything – and the pertinacity to choose joy over sadness when both of my parents died last year.

We reached out to some pastors in our community to find out how faith impacted their relationships with their father and children.

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