The Real Estate Council and Solender/Hall Celebrate 10 Years of Pro Bono Courses

This year The Real Estate Council and Solender/Hall celebrate 10 years of offering the course, “Real Estate 101 for Non-profits.”

This course, which was developed and is led by TREC member and Preston Hollow resident Eliza Solender of Solender/Hall, is free of charge and it educates non-profit leaders about the most complex real estate issues that their organization could face. Over the decade of offering the courses, more than 250 non-profit leaders and board members have participated to learn how to make educated real estate decisions and improve their services and programs.

“The Real Estate Council recognized an unmet need and asked me to develop the course,” said Solender.

Course topics include:

  • Planning/Board Dynamics, Hiring a Broker, Selling and Leasing vs. Owning and Protentional Bumps
  • Being a Savvy Tenant, Buyer or Seller
  • City Planning and Zoning and Gifts of Real Estate
  • Design and Construction for Purchasing and Leasing
  • Pulling it All Together (Finding Money)

Non-profit organizations of all sizes and types have been helped, including schools, healthcare clinics, arts, social service providers, foundations, and community organizations.

TREC members, who serve as volunteer mentors for participants, provide ongoing support as needed. Expertise in all property types is available as well as development expertise.

“TREC’s Real Estate 101 curriculum provides a strong foundation for any organization’s leaders to feel more comfortable with the complex process of buying or leasing space to support their mission,” said The Kessler School’s board chairman Cooper Koch. “Each of the expert speakers, who generously share their knowledge, directly contributes to making our city’s nonprofits stronger and more successful.”

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