Snowday Dallas Captures Nostalgia of Missing School

By Liliann Albelbaisi

Dallas residents have seen their fair share of interactive spaces such as the Sweet Tooth Hotel and Candytopia that were fully decked out with sweets.

Snowday Dallas is arriving next, and the latest venture from Scot and Kristi Redman is bringing more than candy to the Plaza at Preston Center.

The Redmans are known for many things surrounding fashion, photography, and film in Dallas. In the last year, they created an immersive 3D photo booth experience that included an array of nine cameras that takes photos all at the same time to get the same picture from multiple angles.

“It’s just so much fun to take wild risks and turn crazy ideas into a reality.” -Scot Redman

While the end of November through early January will bring many holiday-themed attractions and events, the Redmans are offering the nostalgia surrounding the idea of having a snow day and being able to miss school.

Snowday runs Nov. 21 through Jan. 5. Tickets are $30 with children younger than 3 admitted for free. Visit

“We wanted to give Dallas an experience like it had never seen before, especially during the holidays,” Redman said. “It’s just so much fun to take wild risks and turn crazy ideas into a reality.”

Their goal? With the help of the Bayer Brothers and MOTUS, it is “to have it extremely interactive, and to hit all sensory levels.”

It will even be cold inside to further enhance the snow day experience.

Redman said the 3,000-square-foot space would be “insanely utilized” with 10 different rooms and six high-end photo booth experiences. They even managed to get an RV in there.

Guests have an option to have high-quality pictures that they couldn’t get from their phones, Redman said.

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