People To Know

Putting out a newspaper requires teamwork. Every writer needs an editor. The production team designs the pages. The advertising sales staff brings in revenue. And someone must make sure the printed products get into the mail and onto newsstands.

At People Newspapers, employees are our most valued assets. We rely on their brainpower, talent, tenacity, sense of fairness, and sense of humor to bring you stories and neighborhood-centric information you likely won’t get anywhere else.

We are delighted to be the Park Cities People and Preston Hollow People team working for you, our readers. This month we invited other businesses that serve the Park Cities and Preston Hollow to share a little bit about their businesses and their teams in this special advertising supplement. We hope you enjoy learning more about these People to Know.

Jim Mueller | Family Law, Managing Partner, Verner Brumley Mueller Parker PC
The Rhodes Group | Real Estate, The Rhodes Group at Compass

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