People To Know: Paul Graham

Owner and CEO, StazOn Roofing

Paul Graham, president of StazOn Roofing, founded the company 40 years ago after working as a roofer, when he was a teen. Graham combined his drive for working hard and his interest in the roofing industry and formed StazOn. “The roofing industry has become even more interesting over the decades, as we have expanded not only the diversity of the materials we use, but the range of applications is phenomenal,” Graham says.

“We are known for quality and craftsmanship and taking pride in what we do.” -Paul Graham

Today, StazOn serves Dallas-Fort Worth and other Texas markets and is considered an industry expert in numerous facets of roofing installation, sheet metal and construction. StazOn’s areas of expertise are showcased in the residential, multi-family, and commercial markets. StazOn offers professional craftsmanship in multiple aspects of roofing including composition, thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO), metal roofing, wall panels, architectural sheet metal and accessories from its own metal fabrication center. “We are highly skilled in architectural sheet metal component and design,” Graham says. “We are also proficient in roofs with a high level of difficulty or that are crafted using specialized materials. With our vast combined experience, we have seen a little of everything, so we are accustomed to adjusting to the requirements of each specific job.”

A reputable warranty program and longevity in the industry are some of the reasons StazOn retains many repeat customers and referrals. “We are known for quality and craftsmanship and taking pride in what we do,” Graham says. “I believe this weighs heavily when people are making a choice for their roof. They want a company they can count on, that has taken care of them in the past.” StazOn continues to follow its mission of experience, quality, and reliability with every project.

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