People To Know: Ben Clemmett

Veterinary Care
Chief Veterinarian, ReadiVet
2535 Cedar Springs Road, Dallas TX, 75201

Dr. Ben Clemmett always knew he would be a veterinarian in the same way other people know they have black hair or blue eyes — it just seemed to be part of his DNA. But what he couldn’t anticipate as a young boy growing up in Birmingham, Alabama was how he would one day be part of a team fundamentally changing the way veterinarians deliver care.

“Unparalleled service and quality of care are must-haves for me,” Dr. Ben says. “But in a traditional veterinary practice, I recognized my ability to deliver such an exceptional experience was often hampered by the stress and inconvenience of bringing pets to the office.”

When a friend from vet school called to share the news about a young company launching in Dallas that promised to take the pain out of pet care, he was intrigued. After meeting with the ReadiVet team, he was all in to serve as ReadiVet’s first veterinarian in Dallas. Clemmett, his fiancee’ Rebekah, their three dogs (Scout, Cricket, and Poppy), and three cats (Piper, Theo, and Dega) moved to Midway Hollow soon after.

“Unparalleled service and quality of care are must-haves for me.” -Dr. Ben Clemmett

“I love interacting with pets in their own home — on their own couch or bed,” he says. “It’s so much less stressful for everyone. We’ve really reverse engineered the entire process of pet care to be centered around the pet and pet parent while maintaining high-quality, affordable care.”

ReadiVet provides at-home, on-demand veterinary care services and maintains a centralized hospital for pets that need radiology or other interventional services. From routine preventive care to emergencies and euthanasia, Dr. Clemmett and the care team at ReadiVet serve the Park Cities, Oak Lawn, Uptown, downtown Dallas, the Design District, and Victory Park, with plans to expand their service area.

Dr. Clemmett was born in Sheffield, England but moved to the United States when he was 2 years old. He attended Auburn University for both undergraduate and veterinary school and worked in traditional clinics across Alabama before joining ReadiVet. Outside of work, Dr. Clemmett and his fianceé love hanging out with their fur family in Midway Hollow. “It’s quiet, but near all the fun things we love to do in Dallas, and it’s gratifying to live in a community where people truly consider their pets part of the family and the community.”

Dr. Clemmett is often asked what his No. 1 piece of advice is for pet parents. “The most important thing you can do is stay on top of immunizations and well care to protect your pet from preventable disease,” he says. “Other than that, love them. Spend time with them. They will give you so much in return.”

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