University Park Says Keep the “Basic Batch” Mural, For Now

The recent controversy over a mural painted on the outside of University Park restaurant The Biscuit Bar has city staff rethinking a sign ordinance that would cause its removal.

UP officials gave the restaurant’s owners, husband and wife duo Janie and Jake Burkett, until Monday to remove a street-facing mural that violated the city’s sign ordinance.

The sign, which reads “don’t be a basic batch” drew criticism from a couple of passersby who anonymously reported it to the city’s Community Development department.

Courtesy: Instagram

In addition to the street-facing mural, the restaurant has another one inside their patio that reads “Don’t Worry. Be Tappy.”

The violation, though, isn’t what the signs say, but that it exceeded space limits a business can use for signage.

Whether they’re considered advertising or artwork might be their saving grace.

While University Park’s sign ordinance does include murals, city staff said in a statement that when the ordinance was adopted, “the concept of a mural as a photo opportunity was not envisioned.”

University Park communication director Steve Mace said that city staff has decided to review guidelines related to murals and artwork.

While this review takes place, the Biscuit Bar will not have to cover their two murals from public view – but they will have to remove Instagram and hashtag advertising from the “basic batch” mural. 

“We want to give a major shout out to the city of University Park for seeing the value in allowing artistic expression and supporting local artisans,” The Biscuit Bar representatives posted on Instagram today.

Bianca R. Montes

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