GALLERY: Kick Off with an Artistic Edge

Mercury One’s M1Ball 2019 announcements were made at the Kick-Off party hosted by Samuel Lynne Galleries to a crowd of business and community leaders, along with longtime supporters of the nonprofit.

One of the gallery’s owners, JD Miller, chatted with guests about current exhibits at the gallery, including works by artists Lea Fisher, Metis Atash and the world-renowned photographer David Yarrow.

Mercury One’s executive director Suzanne Bock Grishman welcomed the crowd and thanked everyone for joining in the celebration. She said that Mercury One was founded by Glenn Beck and is a nonprofit humanitarian aid and education organization focused on restoring the human spirit. Initiatives include the Leadership Training Program, which provides students the opportunity to study first-hand our nation’s founding documents and artifacts, assisting veterans, providing aid to those in disaster and crisis and restoring the lives of over 20,000 persecuted Christians and others who have been displaced, held captive and enslaved around the world.

After introducing Mercury One’s COO, Michael Little and Director of Development, John McCarty, Suzanne urged everyone to mark their calendars now for Oct. 26 for the M1Ball.

(Photos by Rob Wythe/Gittings)

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