You Can’t HIDE From This New Cocktail Menu

As long summer days set upon Dallas, the need for refreshing libations is about as common sense as sunscreen. I recently drifted into Deep Ellum to wet my tongue on HIDE’s newly launched cocktail menu.

It was a particularly hot Texas afternoon I ventured into the upscale yet casual-looking bar on Elm Street. “Heroes” by David Bowie was playing in the background and staff were quick to offer a warm greeting. My first thought: This place is perfect for a drink, or two – let’s say four.

After getting a quick rundown of the new cocktail choices by beverage director Scott Jenkins, who said the menu is inspired by summertime travel and adventure, we decided I should try a drink from each of the four categories.

Taking an experimental approach to cocktail creation, the menu is categorized by taste profile: Spirited, Brave, Comforting, and Refreshing. If guests are seeking “tried and true” flavors, the Classics menu serves familiar favorites—all delivered with a touch of HIDE flair. 


After slight indecisiveness, I decided upon the Man-Go Away, a blend of tequila and Pisco, a South American spirit made from Brandy. This is the drink for those who want’em slightly strong, bitter, and acidic with a mouthful of good tequila and topped with a drop of Chili oil to cleanse the palette.


This category had many playful creations for those who dare to try them. As I perused the menu looking for the boldest, most unusual drink, the Golden Votive caught my eye. Made with turmeric, coconut milk, and ginger, I easily could have shied away from this concoction. I’m glad I didn’t. Subtly sweet with a touch of honey, this Zamaca spirit and rum drink was my favorite.


As the name suggests, Lucid Dream was in-fact a cocktail that instantly took me back to the comfort of the beach – I could almost hear the sound of waves crashing and feel the sun beating down on my face. It’s a summer dream cocktail, beautifully yellow with rum, mandarin, and passionfruit. Sweet with a hint of cinnamon and vanilla. No one can dislike this.


I couldn’t resist with this section and ended up picking not one but two cocktails from this list. While that might sound indulgent, come look at this new menu and I bet you would too. The Promenade, a bubbly drink, going for a French vibe, or as bartender Jeremy Logan put it, “a walk through the French countryside,” is a light, breezy cocktail. The pear brandy infused drink could easily be the child of a refreshing club soda and a mix or delicious flavors like clarified lemon and jasmine.

The second drink I picked was for its quirky name and unusual ingredients, the Exchange Student. Made from Batavia Arrack, which is created with fermented red rice cakes and press cane juice, and hints of ginger, coconut water, and lemongrass, this drink is adventurous as it is refreshing.

And then some, bites

If you thought HIDE stopped at drinks, think again. The two things on the menu I tried definitely set the bar for, you know, bar food.

The Toast with it wine poached figs, herbed goat cheese, and prosciutto is now what I am claiming to be my favorite bar food. It’s sweet, it’s savory, it’s light! The flavor’s blend together perfectly.

But if you are feeling hungry, the BBQ Carnitas Sandwich is a delicious addition to the menu. The meat was perfectly cooked, the sauce didn’t overpower everything, and the bread was great. What sold it for me was a subtle layer or guacamole in there, yes you read that right.

So if you’re in the neighborhood, or not, stop by and check out this fantastic new menu HIDE has to offer. Trust me, there’s something for everybody and every mood here.

HIDE’s complete menu can be found here,




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