Forty Five Ten Launches Floral Shop

The eccentric, expressive florals that have become a regular part of the Forty Five Ten experience are now available for sale and delivery. Forty Five Ten Floral has set up shop in a small, market-style alcove on the lower level of its Dallas flagship store.

As the brand’s clientele began requesting Forty Five Ten’s creative floral creations outside of the store, it sparked an idea with Kristen Cole, the brand’s president and chief creative officer.

“We wanted to start a program that, like all things Forty Five Ten, expressed a colorful, non-traditional approach,” she said.

Now, clients are able to bring that same aesthetic into their own homes in the form of several types of arrangements, which are grouped in categories according to different themes.

Much of the new program’s perspective is thanks to artist Kyle Branch, who has been creating Forty Five Ten’s in-store florals for nearly three years. Cole immediately wanted Branch at the helm of the program, describing his aesthetic as forward-thinking and curious.

“We’re not approaching this as a traditional florist would. Rather, we’re treating florals as a medium — like paint or clay or ink. We’re getting creative and expressing through that medium.” Branch said.

That alternative approach has taken shape in unconventional ways – from polka dot-painted monstera leaves, ombré-dyed roses, and candy red anthuriums weaving through neon cholla wood. It is a hyper-modern, hyper-vivid, hyper-hybrid take on a trade that’s been traditionally a little stale.

The unique array of arrangement themes include Tonal, the Artists’ Series, En Masse, and Hyper-Synthetic.

Tonal explores the worlds of color and volume, which are both calling cards of Forty Five Ten and also some of Branch’s major obsessions. The Artists’ Series is a floral homage to some of Cole’s favorite artists and will include limited-edition arrangements. En Masse is every host and interior designer’s dream: chic, streamlined blooms with a modern point-of-view that will work with all design schemes.

Hyper-Synthetic embodies the wildly colorful and inventive styles that Forty Five Ten clients have come to love. The name not only refers to the sometimes unnatural accents (shiny mylar, pastel netting, and dyed feathers) but also to the surreally “unreal” effect the flowers can have, almost as if they were grown in another world.

Options for large private events and dinner parties will also be coming soon.

Clients can order in store or via email with local delivery.


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