‘Seeing Red’ Book Signing Announced for June 15

Director and photographer Stewart Cohen has released “Seeing Red,” a new book of stories and photographs. Fans of redheads will particularly enjoy Cohen’s newest book, which tells the stories of people with red hair through his camera lenses.

Cohen is holding a free book signing from 6 to 8 p.m. June 15 at Interbang Books, located 10720 Preston Road in Dallas, suite 1009B.

Seeing Red explores the popular notion that redheads are well on their way to extinction. It was this curious rumor that piqued the interest of Stewart Cohen. This theory ignited a desire to untangle the mystery surrounding red hair with a fine tooth comb, examining a cross-section of gingers from all walks of life.

The result is a series of portraits captured in a way that Stewart envisioned an extinct species to be displayed. Although, each of the redheads captured on these pages seems to be that much more full of life.”

Canadian born Director/Photographer Stewart Cohen is known for his subtle yet effective fashion in which he directs people, and for the enthusiasm and energy, he brings to all assignments. His visual approach is said to be honest, resonant, authentic, and cinematic.

To date, he has won countless top industry awards and has been profiled in Communication Arts Magazine and selected by Adweek as Photographer of the Year.


Bianca R. Montes

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