Park Cities Moms Chat It Up in the Bubble Lounge

Truer words couldn’t have been spoken than what was recently overheard in the Bubble Lounge: “There’s always a story to tell if you’re listening.”

Martha Jackson and Nellie Sciutto.

(ABOVE – FROM LEFT: Martha Jackson hosts Bubble Lounge with Nellie Sciutto, an actress who has appeared in such movies as Shutter Island and The Aviator.

Two moms with their ears to the ground are dishing all things Park Cities on an up-and-coming weekly podcast that over the past year has garnered more than 6,000 streams.

Launched last October by Martha Jackson and Nellie Sciutto, the Bubble Lounge highlights locals with a story to tell and topics that range from where to go when your daughter needs help crafting the perfect sorority rush package to confessions of football moms – and they do it all with one heck of a contrasting spirit.

Other than both being moms to Highland Park ISD students, the duo couldn’t be more different if they tried. And it’s not just the color of their hair.

Martha grew up in the south, graduated from the University of Oklahoma, can often be found volunteering at the schools, and is somewhat shy. Nellie moved to University Park by way of Los Angeles, grew up on the Upper East Side, and went to Yale. She’s also an actress – you’ve probably seen her on TV and in the movies – needless to say, she’s anything but shy.

As a working mom and a recent transplant to the Park Cities, I appreciate how hard it can be for women to find a way to be a part of the community. -Nellie Sciutto

Shyness though is precisely what helped launch the show.

Martha had been tinkering with the idea for a while, but a bad case of anxiety when it came to public speaking kept the thought at bay. Wanting to be a good role model for her children, “to let them know at any age you can follow your dreams,” she reached out to former Real Housewives of Dallas star Tiffany Hendra. Hendra hosts a series of classes that help people build confidence and discover their purpose.

“I had all these ideas floating through my head, and Tiffany helped me focus on my true passion,” Martha said about the experience, which included a whole bunch of magazines and glue.

Convincing Nellie to do the show also was a catalyst for getting Martha out of her shell.

“I can talk to anyone,” Nellie said, laughing. “I love doing the Bubble Lounge show with Martha. As a working mom and a recent transplant to the Park Cities, I appreciate how hard it can be for women to find a way to be a part of the community. That’s why I wanted to co-host the show, to help other women in the Bubble.”

Martha, who is a fan of podcasts because they are a great way to learn new things while on the go, said she started The Bubble Lounge because she couldn’t find one that covered local topics for the women in her neighborhood, “so Nellie and I created a show for women just like us.”

Bianca R. Montes

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    Bianca, thank you so much for the interesting article and storyline. The show continues to grow in popularity and your keen insight and kind words will help it grow even further.


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