The New Black Tie: Wear Something Unexpected

Pastels have timelessly been the go-to color palette for spring.

And while Spring 2019 runways are bedecked in such beauties like sherbet-hued tweeds by Chanel and delicate laces at Rodarte, local fashion experts are encouraging Dallasites to dress boldly for the upcoming gala season.

Oscar Adames, national sales director and brans specialist at L’agence – a fashion brand whose trunk show was featured at Tootsies – said there are no rules for this day and age in fashion: Wear something that speaks to you.

“I think fashion opens up so much more now; it’s not just about the cocktail dress, it’s about making an entrance and feeling sexy and beautiful,” Adames said. “It’s also about taking a little bit of a risk and coming out of your comfort zone and throwing on the colors and the prints you normally wouldn’t wear.”

The new black tie is the unexpected shape or combination, so wear something different for this upcoming gala season with these spring trends.

(Photos: Marissa Alvarado)

Neon, Neon, Neon
For spring galas, neon colored gowns are an upcoming trend. Neon oranges, yellows, and greens are a fun way to stand out from the crowd. If you’re still a fan of neutral colors, try finding a gown with highlighter accents or patterns to keep true to your style.

Walking on the Wild Side
The recent revival of leopard print has hit every wave of fashion, whether it’s casual brunch, cocktail party, or a gala. Leopard print dresses, shoes, or belts can add a wild hint for any occasion. The spotted print is fun, surprising, and a stylish way to show off your personality.

Rose Gold: Not Just for Your Jewelry
Rose gold is eye-catching, so if you want to shine through the gala season, it’s a perfect choice. Rose gold works on a cocktail dress, pair of pants, or accent jewelry, you just have to style it in a
way that makes you feel confident.

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