KCA Design Launches Vintage Platform

Who says living in the past is a bad thing? Certainly not Kris Ammon of KCA Design who recently launched a new platform for her eponymous brand – vintage sourcing.

With her career practically bursting at the seams, Ammon, who lives in the Preston Hollow area, is in high demand by a lengthy list of repeat customers and fashion enthusiasts alike. Having received a few requests to find certain iconic handbags, she had her “light bulb” moment and a newfound progression to take her business in, scavenging for rare pieces within the luxury space.

“I started experimenting with Louis Vuitton Speedys,” said Ammon. “It is just such an established silhouette.”

Once word got out to her fans what she was doing, it was “go time.” Through her super-secret connections, Ammon offers a whimsical mix of unique vintages and covetable finds. One could practically call her Mary Poppins – as she seems to always uncover the rarest of goodies.

“There are a lot who don’t necessarily know what they want,” said Ammon, who works with each client to figure out their ideal style, color, and price point. “There is a wide variety of requests.”

Try asking this genie what her magic secret is? She’ll simply smile and say “wouldn’t you love to know…”

Bianca R. Montes

Bianca Montes is an award-winning journalist and former Managing Editor of Park Cities People. She currently serves as a Senior Editor with D Magazine's D CEO publication. You can reach her by email at Bianca.Montes@Dmagazine or follow her on Instagram @Bianca_TBD. For the latest news, click here to sign up for our newsletter.

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