The Slate: A Collaborative Space for Business

The Slate, a new Dallas co-working space for small business owners, especially working mothers, is set to open March 1 at 2403 Farrington St. in the Design District.

(ABOVE: Sisters Shelly and Jodie Slater created a venue for working moms and other entrepreneurs. Photo by Sarah Hamilton Photography)

Sisters Shelly and Jodie Slater, a small business owner and a lawyer, want their new venture to serve as a one-stop shop where entrepreneurs can focus on work and grow their businesses while learning from a diverse mix of other users in the space.

“One person’s skillset can save you hours of your life,” said Shelly Slater, of Highland Park. “The point of The Slate is to simplify your life. A lot of working moms are running around with their heads cut off and feel like they have to choose one or the other.”

The sisters spent nine months searching for the right space and found a nearly 12,000-square-foot building surrounded by a variety of businesses and boasting views of downtown Dallas.

With the help of architects at GFF, The Slate takes multi-purpose to the extreme. It can be made to serve as a continuous education site, a commercial studio, a café, a local goods store, and other purposes.

“One person’s skillset can save you hours of your life.” – Shelly Slater

(ABOVE: Potential clients preview The Slate weeks before its opening. The versatille space is designed to serve a varsity of uses. Photos: Chris McGathey)

The brick-lined building includes 10 private offices, three specific co-working spaces (though the entire building is meant for co-working), a kitchen, a sitting area, a studio, a podcast room, a boutique, and three bathrooms.

Painted on a wall is The Slate’s motto, “Hone It. Own It. Slate It.”

“We are truly trying to create a community, not just trying to make revenue,” said Jodie Slater, of Preston Hollow. “The real goal is that when you meet multiple people, you learn more things and get more ideas from people.”

There are multiple memberships types, including flexible, private, and dedicated options, and 60-day and one-day passes. The sisters also want to make sure that, despite the focus on working mothers, men should feel as welcome as anyone. There is a third Slater—their brother.

The Slate is already planned to be a home for a Dry Bar owner, a photographer, a former private equity business owner, and a trademark lawyer. It also has drawn interest from large national companies looking for team building rooms.

“The space is the heart of the business,” Shelly Slater said. “The more people you meet in this space, the more you learn, and the more you grow. It’s all people who have arrived and need something to propel them one more step.”

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