Movie Review: “Greta” Sticks Around Like Chewing Gum

If you want to see a surprisingly gory movie this weekend, check out the new thriller “Greta,” starring Chloë Grace Moretz as Francis and Isabelle Huppert as Greta.

When a naïve young woman returns a seemingly innocent purse to its owner, Greta, she encounters an eerie descent into obsession. Greta, a French piano teacher, expresses aching loneliness and Frances sympathizes having just lost her mother.

Despite warning from Francis’s roommate, Erica, Francis continues to develop a friendship with the seemingly innocent older man. Francis soon tells Greta that her friends call her “chewing gum” because she tends to stick around. Soon after, Greta’s kindliness and hospitality turn into a disturbing fixation as Francis learns that she has been deceived. Peeking into Greta’s past, she soon turns her life into a nightmare.

The movie, rated R, brings distinct moments of creepiness and Huppert does an excellent job of sending chills down your spine, making viewers question the charm of a “sweet” older lady. Her portrayal of Greta quite literally goes zero to 100, making her the real star of this movie when she goes completely berserk on Moretz’s character.

Directed by Academy Award winner Neil Jordan, this primarily female cast will bring you an unnerving sensation, along with a few comedic moments of relief from Maika Monroe’s performance of Erica.

An enjoyable aspect of this movie is that none of the characters play into their archetype, and it makes up for any shortcomings in the plotline. After watching the movie, you may think twice before returning a lost item to a stranger.

“Greta” premieres in theaters on March 1. You can catch an early viewing of the movie Feb. 28 at NorthPark Center.

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