In Pursuit of a Mindful New Year

Mindfulness, a meditation practice often associated with Asian culture and Buddhism, is drawing increasing interest in the Western World.

(ABOVE: Students will leave with meditation tips and tricks, inspiration for daily practice, and a course workbook. Courtesy photo)

Catholic monastics have a long tradition of mindful meditation, and even Protestants and psychologist have been showing increasing interest.

In January, the Crow Museum of Asian Art is teaming up with Mastermind Meditate to offer “Mindfulness for Beginners,” a two-day seminar to help people stick to a resolution to begin a meditation practice.

“If you’re new to meditation, Mindfulness for Beginners is a great introduction to mindful meditation,” said Dorsey Standish, chief mindfulness officer and workshop leader with Mastermind Meditate. “Resolutions are great, but how do you start to form new habits?”

Mastermind Meditate’s trained facilitators lead science-based, research-backed mindfulness classes across Texas, including at UT Dallas Brain Performance Institute and Klyde Warren Park.

“This two-day seminar is a perfect way to start, and it’s data driven – backed by brain health research because we know mental health is just as important as physical health,” he said.

Participants will get an introduction to mindful meditation and techniques on how to incorporate the practice into work and home life to reduce stress and anxiety and increase brain health.

“If meditation is a part of your life already, the workshop can help you focus your practice,” Standish said.

Participants will experience mindful living techniques such as mindful walking, mindful eating, and mindful communication as well as the powerful practices of intention and compassion.

“As part of our mission to love and celebrate the arts and cultures of Asia, we embrace and integrate into our workplace these ancient traditions and research-based transformational tools,” Beth Reese, director of education and mindfulness for The Crow Collection. “I have experienced first-hand how mindfulness-based practices empower humans of all ages to actively practice being aware, present, focused, empathetic, and compassionate to self and others in the midst of any circumstance.”

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