Nasher to Exhibit Los Angeles artist Ruby Sterling

The Nasher Sculpture Center will display the sculptural work of Los Angeles-based artist Sterling Ruby from Feb. 2 to Apr. 21, 2019 in the exhibit Sterling Ruby: Sculpture.

Sterling Ruby works in a multitude of forms including sculpture, ceramics, installation, textiles, clothing, painting, collage, photography, and video. Sterling Ruby: Sculpture will focus on 30 sculptures representing a spread of works spanning his career.

“Sterling Ruby’s work explores American culture in wildly various ways,” said Nasher director Jeremy Strick. “His sculptural work, in particular, considers our relationships to objects, both high and low, through means that are equally poignant and irreverent.”

The sculptures on display come in a variety of mediums that range from poured polyurethane, ceramic collages weighing hundreds of pounds and soft sculptures incorporating inexpensive fabrics dyed in the artist’s studio.

Ruby’s works straddle the line between polarized concepts of what fine art is and isn’t by utilizing strategies to create art with materials associated with utility and affordability. By playing with these concepts, Ruby’s work addresses a range of personal and societal issues and reassesses the worth of what we view as common.

Created by Jed Morse, Nasher chief curator and curator of the exhibit, Sterling Ruby: Sculpture will be shown alongside an illustrated catalog and essay of Ruby’s work.

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