Lighten the Load and Live Your Best Life Now

Your mother’s vintage china that the kids don’t want. His bowling shoes. How long ago did he quit the league? The old filing cabinet full of warranties for products replaced long ago. These are only a fraction of the contents of our garages, spare bedrooms, and closets, and now the time has come to downsize.

Where did it all come from?

Time marches on, we remodel rooms, the kids move out, we inherit Aunt Sally’s antiques, and we can’t bear to part with those sentimental knickknacks gathering dust and sending pangs of guilt every time we think of disposing of them.

We all have too much stuff, and when it’s time to downsize, it simply won’t all fit.

Postponing the purge — a tempting yet ineffective decision — results in overflowing, unsightly garages or offsite storage units sitting idle for years and costing a small fortune.

Before downsizing, we must ask ourselves some important questions:

Do we really need all this stuff?

Have these items outlived their purpose?

Can I really afford to postpone dealing with treasures that are transforming to burdens?

Am I comfortable with family members — or even strangers — going through my things in the event that I am one day unable?

And here’s an important question: Is now the time to break free—free of all this stuff?

It’s time to be good to yourself.

It’s time to take action, to make the decision to cut the ties and free up our time, money, and energy so we can enjoy today without the burdens and clutter of the past.

Inaction and indecision take an emotional toll.

You deserve your best life now, without all the excess stuff.

Dina Taylor, owner of Easily Organized in Dallas, works with clients in Texas and Florida.

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