Clarification: Concerned Park Cities Citizen Leaders Refute Connection to Ethics 101 Ad

Contrary to what Park Cities People was told and reported on Page 2 of the July print edition, Concerned Park Cities Citizen is not behind the Ethics 101 advertisement that ran on Page 40 of the May issue, Traci Schuh has informed the newspaper.

Only she and Scott Dabney are authorized to approve and place advertisements for CPCC, she explained.

Neither of them placed the ad, the newspaper can confirm.

“CPCC in no way was responsible for subject ad or paid for it in any way including having a third party pay for it,” Dabney said. “None of the CPCC grassroots group would have ever condoned, approved, or paid for such a negative ad like that anyway.”

Schuh added that the purpose of CPCC is “giving people who might disagree a voice and trying to do it in an agreeable and constructive manner.”

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