Summer Mural Inspires Social Media Challenge

“The First Month of Summer,” a freshly-painted mural by artist Mione Plant situated in the heart of West Village, inspires joy in all of us with memories of childhood and vibrant summers.

Chosen by the team at West Village, Mione Plant’s mural depicts 30 primary-colored beach balls bounding in a field of cool blue.

Keep your spirits lifted in the heat of the summer with a visit to see the fourteen-by-fourteen-foot composition and snap a photo for a chance to win exclusive prizes.

Now through July 30, Plant’s studio is pleased to announce a social media competition for the best photo and caption in front of “The First Month of Summer.”

Participation is simple: One, take your most creative photo with the mural; two, tag @mioneplant and @westvillage_dallas; and three, mention @mioneplant in the caption.

A panel will select the most cheerful photo and award the winner with a month’s supply of beach balls (that’s 30 days worth), an archival-quality print of the original artwork signed by the artist and exclusive fun and fit summer treats provided by West Village.

“One day, my mother and son played for hours with a beach ball and I thought: what an amazing object,” Plant said. “The beach ball is so simple – round, colorful and made of almost nothing – and yet it can bring generations together with so much amusement. And I delighted in their shared joy. I thank West Village for the opportunity to share this moment with the public and hope this contest is one small step towards continuing the trend of cheerfulness.”

West Village will be providing unique treats to accompany the winning contestant, including gift cards, and other fun swag.

“We were immediately attracted to Mione’s mural submission because it has such a warm and joyful feeling of summer,” said Julius Pickenpack, Director of Marketing for West Village “Her design allows people to interact with the mural and have fun taking photos. Our intention is to add more public art and murals to our West Village district and her work is a fantastic addition.”

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