Commercial Realtor To Share Story of Sobriety

Three decades into his sobriety, Highland Park local Will Bracken Evans will share a story about his downward spiral into addiction at this year’s Women’s Auxiliary of Nexus luncheon.

Evans was born in Houston and spent his early childhood in Tyler, Texas on his family’s ranch. He moved to Highland Park during his adolescence, eventually enrolling in the Marine Corp. before graduating high school. After serving his country, Evans returned to Dallas to spend more than twenty-five years in the Commercial Real Estate business.

It was during his successful career in Real Estate when he began to suffer from an addiction.

On October 5, 1989, Will went to the Sierra Tuscan Treatment Center for drug and alcohol addiction, which ultimately saved his life.

The Women’s Auxiliary of Nexus says they are honored to have Evans share his story. After almost three decades of sobriety, Will continues to actively participate in helping others find recovery by sharing his story of hope.

The luncheon will be held at Dallas Country Club on April 23.

Lauren Gillette and Lindsay Billingsley will serve as chairs for this year’s event.

Tickets for the spring luncheon can be purchased by clicking here.

Proceeds benefit Nexus Recovery Center.

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