UP Not a Bike Dump

(Photo: Chris McGathey)

I am a typical middle school kid [and a member of Boy Scout Troop 70] who enjoys riding my bike, but my opinion of the bike sharing program is that it is bad for our community. If someone chooses to ride a bike through a bike sharing app, then what happens when they arrive at their destination? They have to leave it somewhere on public or private property, which is abandoning it.

The city of University Park states that abandoning a bicycle is illegal. University Park even has a place on its website to report these abandoned bikes so that they can be removed. University Park has always been a pretty community that is now littered with bicycles in every color. It has become a joke in our family to count the number of abandoned bikes on our family outings. I would like to see rules and regulations in place to help control the bicycle population in our community and keep our community from looking like a bicycle dump.

Tie Smith
University Park

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