Bradfield Elementary Designs Begin to Take Shape

Courtesy: HPISD

After months of meetings to gather input from parent groups and neighbors, designs for the new Bradfield Elementary are beginning to take shape.

The school is on schedule to be rebuilt during the 2018-19 school year.
It will feature larger classrooms, flexible learning spaces, and appropriately-sized core spaces, including the library, cafeteria, and gymnasium.
Additional design objectives:
  • Increasing the amount of active play area
  • Retaining as many existing mature trees as possible
  • Retaining some of the historic elements of the existing building’s façade
  • Improving traffic congestion in the surrounding neighborhood as much as possible
  • Creating a front-yard social space for parents, students, and the community
  • Directing all pedestrian traffic to Southern Avenue rather than Mockingbird
  • Having dedicated underground parking for staff

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