Mercury One Charity Donating to Hurricane Relief

Through its charitable nonprofit organization, Mercury One is actively raising funds to support those impacted by the recent and continued devastation caused by Hurricane Harvey along the Texas coast, Houston area, East Texas, and Louisiana.

The organization ensured that 100 percent of the funding it receives is being provided to six core disaster relief partners, who in turn have pledged that 100 percent of granted funds will directly aid and assist individuals in a number of ways: search and rescue, basic needs, humanitarian support, food, and long-term cleanup and recovery efforts. Partners are CitiImpact, Gleaning for the World, Operation BBQ Relief, Somebody Cares, Team Rubicon, and The Provisions Project.

“Hurricane Harvey is already being deemed one of the most massive and catastrophic events in U.S. history,” said Mercury One Executive Director Suzanne Grishman. “In keeping with Mercury One’s mission to restore the human spirit, we are taking swift action to address the most immediate needs while we enable and prepare for the long-term support so desperately needed by millions of people across the region. Our organization and loyal supporters have a rich history of mobilizing resources to have a meaningful impact in dire situations.”

Prior to Harvey, Mercury One had been in contact with its disaster relief partners. Each partner has been in communication with Homeland Security, the Office of Emergency Management, and the Texas chapter of the Voluntary Organizations Active in Disaster. These organizations are now actively deployed across the region with water, blankets, food, supplies, and volunteers.

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“Such a large number of people in our state are underwater and losing their homes and are worried about so much. I want to thank the donors so much for caring and trusting Mercury One to get funds to those who need it. No matter where you are in the world, we thank you for your prayers and for your donations,” said Mercury One Founder Glenn Beck.

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