Meet the City Council Candidates

Voting is now underway for the hotly contested Dallas City Council District 11 seat. Incumbent Lee Kleinman is facing a challenge from popular real estate blogger Candace “Candy” Evans. People Newspapers recently talked with both of them about their positions on  key issues.  Below are a few of their answers.

Early voting will continue through May 2, and the general election will be held May 6.



Candace “Candy” Evans

Journalist, blogger, small business owner



Why did you decide to run for city council?  

I am running for Dallas City Council in District 11 because Dallas is at a crossroads. We are losing to the suburbs. We are serving the suburbs. We need to be more Dallas-centric and focus on our neighborhoods and citizen’s needs. While researching various stories for my blog,, I started attending various City Council meetings and could not believe the way city business was handled. Or rather, mishandled. It began with the attempted give-away of Fair Park.

In the FOUR YEARS since my opponent has been on the Dallas City Council, District 11, like the rest of the city, is WORSE, not better.

Where do you stand on the Trinity River project?

I am against a $1.8 billion toll road. I am for a natural, black-land prairie park. The 9-or 10-mile road will not help anyone’s commute. A park will be much more attractive to development.

What else should voters know about you?

I am the founder and publisher of, am passionate about Dallas, and a real go-getter. I am not running on my family connections, I am running on what I have been able to create: the first real estate news blog in Dallas that is extremely successful, well-read, and profitable





Lee Kleinman

Business management, consultant

District 11 councilman since 2013


Why did you decide to seek reelection?

I’ve done a lot of good work in the last four years, but there is still a lot of work that needs to be done. I want to continue serving the people of District 11.

Where do you stand on the Trinity River project?

I’m pretty excited about the plan to start the first major park project between the Margaret McDermott Bridge and the Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge. That’s’ going to be a beautiful addition adjacent to downtown that everyone can use. I support the parkway for transportation purposes so that our Southern Dallas residents can get to job centers in the northern part of the city.

What else should voters know about you?

My main focus has been quality of life for District 11. I want to make sure we maintain the quality we have in our single family neighborhoods while providing access to shopping and other amenities. I’m working really hard to make sure North Dallas remains the best part of the city.



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