Dallas PD DWI Effort Nets 118 Arrests

The Dallas Police Department made 118 DWI arrests March 4-21 as part of its Spring Break Impaired Driving Mobilization grant program.

During such waves, the department devotes additional resources to looking for DWI violators. Also, during the no-refusal DWI initiative, officers secure search warrants for a blood samples from all those arrested for DWI who refused to voluntarily give a breath and/or blood sample. 

“Keep in mind that DWI Enforcement is done 365 days a year with our DWI Enforcement Squad,” Lt. Roberto Arredondo said.

The next DWI enforcement wave coincides with the Independence Day holiday, June 24 through July 5, he said. Seatbelt law enforcement will be the focus during Click-it or Ticket, May 22 to June 4.

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