Zero Headache Storage

When Kyle Bainter and his wife were remodeling their home after having their first child, they needed more storage, but didn’t enjoy the experience of renting an off-site unit.
“I’m a young and able guy,” Bainter said. “But this was a difficult, inefficient process, on a hot summer day, which isn’t fun.”
Bainter thought there had to be a better way.
He and his business partner Dan Slaven, a Highland Park High School graduate, came up with a modernized approach to streamline the entire process of moving and make storing hassle-free.

Bainter and Slaven’s company Callbox Storage, which they started up in July 2016, offers “storage without the headache.” Bainter and Slaven haul off customers’ property for free to the storage facility and create a photo-inventory of the property, which customers can access by logging in at
Customers can ask Callbox Storage to bring back any item individually at any time. Customers are allowed one free delivery of up to five boxes a month.
Monthly storage fees range from $18 to $486. A 5-by 10-foot unit, which can typically hold a room’s worth of items, cost $97.50. A larger unit capable of accommodating the furnishings of a small apartment costs $178.
Bainter and Slaven’s first customers were mostly family and friends, but now the company averages 30 to 40 customers a month. About 70 percent of their business is residential and 30 percent commercial.
The location of the storage facility in Grapevine makes for convenient transportation.
“We can service different markets in the DFW area,” Slaven said. “We have a centralized location, and we inventory for free.”
When up against a larger commercial company, Bainter said CallBox aims to stand out with a personal touch. “We do the heavy lifting,” he said.

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