Eiseman’s Tips for Traveling with Fine Jewelry

Richard Eiseman of Eiseman Jewels offers these tips for keeping your most valuable pieces of fine jewelry safe during your holiday travels.

1. Make a list and take photos or a video of every piece you’re taking and keep one copy at home and one copy with you, but separate from the jewelry.

2. Consult your insurance agent for recommendations and to review your jewelry insurance policy’s coverage, which may help determine the pieces you’ll take. 

3. Always pack valuables, including passports and currency, in the bottom of a carry-on that zips closed. Never pack jewelry in checked baggage.

4. When placing your bag on the security conveyor belt, do not walk through security or away from the belt until your bag has entered the X-ray machine. If the line is long, have your travel companion go first so your bag won’t be left unattended.

5. Keep your bag with you while traveling on the plane, limo/taxi, and when you arrive at the hotel. Use your discretion as to whether it’s safest to keep your jewelry in a hotel safety deposit box, in the in-room safe, or on your person.

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