Junior League Presents Grants to Teachers

Through the Grants for Innovative Teaching, the Junior League of Dallas, along with Texas Instruments, awarded more than 50 Dallas ISD educators with grants valued up to $2,000 in September. Four Preston Hollow area teachers were presented with grants to fund various programs.

Aleksei Vashchenko at Preston Hollow Elementary School was given a grant to fund the Tower Garden Challenge. This program will allow students to learn how to incorporate Next Generation Science Standards, scientific content, and teamwork skills through a research study comparing two different methods of growing plants.

Edward H. Cary Middle School teacher Ryan Bauer designed the School Garden for Life Science project to teach students how to identify plant cells and reuse resources through gardening.

Rosenid Badia at Benjamin Franklin Middle School created the Cervantes Literacy Walk, which will allow students to read, study, research, construct, duplicate, emulate, and act out Miguel de Cervantes novels. The program was designed to combine Spanish, science, and literary elements.

At Hillcrest High School, juniors and seniors partaking in the Structural Modeling, Over-Expression, Purificiation, and Crystallization of the PTF1 Heterotrimeric Complex will work with Dr. Raymond MacDonald at UT Southwestern Medical Center on select weekends to perform various scientific processes.

“For 25 years, the Junior League of Dallas has been promoting excellence in education through the Grants for Innovative Teaching program,” Beth Boyd, the 2016-17 GFIT chair, said in a press release. “Through this Signature Project, JLD has been able to award grants to Dallas ISD teachers who wish to provide students with new opportunities for learning, and it is exciting to see the impact it has had over the years.”

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