Dallas ISD District 2 Trustee Talks Plans

Photo by Tanner Garza
Photo by Tanner Garza

Dustin Marshall was elected Dallas ISD Board of Trustee’s representative for District 2 in May, and will finish out the remainder of Mike Morath’s term, which ends in May 2017. Marshall, who started his term earlier this summer, won the runoff election by 42 votes. Preston Hollow People took a few minutes to talk with Marshall about what he hopes to accomplish during his short term.

What are your goals for this upcoming school year?
From an overarching perspective, I’d like to see student outcomes advance in District 2 and throughout the entire district. There are several important programs that are helping that cause. Early childhood education is on the top of the list, expanding access for pre-K and four-year-olds. We’re starting to expand the number of students starting in pre-K and improv[e] the quality of pre-K instruction throughout the district [and] early college and high school education, so getting kids credit toward an associate’s degree before graduation.

You attended private schools, and your children currently attend your alma mater. What kind of traits would you like to see shared between private education and public?
Well, I’m not sure I would make parallels along those lines. There are things that are working in education whether private or public. There are lessons we can learn from all the sectors. I don’t think we need to replicate a private school in a public environment. The quality of instruction is the most important element and starts with a well outlined curriculum that is taught in a hands-on way that kids can relate to.

Can we expect to see you run for the position again next year?
I’m committed to running again next spring.

How do you want to stand out in your role?
I hope to be a strong voice for the constituents in my community. I’ve already started scheduling office hours throughout the district. We’ve held one of those sessions. My intention is to, every couple of weeks, have an opportunity to spend a couple of hours in a coffee shop or restaurant where anyone can come talk to me. I hope to be a strong voice for those concerns at the district level. I hope that in the next several months, people recognize that I’m passionate and committed to the cause.

How did that first session go?
It went well. During the summer months more folks are likely to be away … there were eight to 10 folks who came to talk about priorities in their local schools. I’ve heard several people ask questions, and I think it’s a good dialogue. It’s an informal setting and I’m literally there to sit and listen. There’s actually an opportunity for folks to sign up on my website to get notifications about future office hours and attend those.

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