Hail the Fashion Statement that Keeps You Young

Here we are in August, one of the hottest months of the year, and while we relish every bit of sunlight we can soak up, some of us are ready for it to cool down a bit. I can’t wait for the first breeze of fall ­— which got me to thinking about a conversation I had recently and the importance of something that seems so superficial.

Sunglasses have always been a staple in my life. Even as a young girl, sunglasses were my thing. Now, as an adult, I appreciate them not only as eye protection and wardrobe-enhancer, but also as pals in helping me stave off injections for my wrinkles. I do not like to squint, never have, as I know it is a major cause of crow’s feet. Which, as many people will agree, we don’t like!

Back to my superficial conversation: I was chatting with a friend a couple of weeks ago at an outdoor party and said, “Hold on, I have to get my sunglasses, I don’t like to squint.” At the same time we both said, “Causes wrinkles.” I was so glad to hear someone else who shared my sunglass philosophy; and it was a guy, which was even better!

So as summer winds down and we still are enjoying the long days, being lazy at the beach, lake, or pool, make sure to take a great pair of sunglasses. The hottest trends for summer 2016 are all over the place — anything kind of goes — but here are a few of the highlights of the summer that will continue to be hot into fall. Cat eye with round frames; shield — think snow skiing chic or chemistry class; sunglasses that match your clothes, especially with embellishments that compliment or match a pattern; dark lenses and also colorful lenses — I am so into the aviator lenses that shine green or pink or a pretty shade of blue with metallic rays of light; or butterfly (this is a whole lot like the cat eye, it just turns up a bit more). Another derivative of that is the John-Lennon-style round. And the newest version is what you might call the “John Lennon aviator”, a round frame with aviator hardware, which seems to be very popular at the summer fetes this year.

Grab all or one of the trends, grab your best SPF, stay hydrated, and enjoy the rest of the summer sun in your sunnies!

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