Welcome to the Future of Education

When you enter Fusion Academy, you walk into a brightly lit, colorful room that is half office, half play area. On the floor by the front desk is a huge inflatable flamingo. Along the deep purple and pale yellow walls you can see black and white photos of teenagers: awkward prom pictures, goofy shots by the pool.

The centerpiece is a Fusion Academy surfboard made of shining mosaics, a nod to the academy’s homeplace of Solana Beach, California.

Meanwhile, behind the entryway in a small labyrinth of rooms and study areas, students are busy at work.

Two have created a crime scene in the “forensics lab” classroom and are now interrogating teachers in a school-wide murder mystery to solve an intricate pretend-crime for their forensics science elective.

Other students are using state-of-the art scientific recording equipment, which allows them to experiment more creatively in their biology and chemistry classes, while still others are creating a musical showcase spin-off of South By Southwest – North by 75.

This is a different kind of school.

This is where you come when a traditional schooling environment doesn’t fit. Maybe your student learns at a faster pace than his or her classmates – or maybe at a slower pace.

Maybe the student is a pro hockey player, an actor, or an equestrian who needs to build a flexible schedule. Maybe the student has ADHD or high social anxiety. Or maybe your family travels.

There are many reasons why traditional schooling methods are not right for everyone. Fusion accommodates all of them by creating a flexible schooling method built around sustaining your lifestyle, and a student’s particular strengths and challenges.

Fusion’s meticulously crafted atmosphere tells a story of what the academy stands for. The lighting, the colors, and the smells on each campus are designed to be therapeutic. Unlike the sterile environment of many schools, Fusion campuses are built to make students feel like they’re at home.

Every kind of student is welcome and accepted at Fusion.

Through a unique one-on-one learning process, teachers guide students as they grow and learn at their own pace. Because students feel comfortable in their learning environment, they take greater academic risks. Because they are given the space to think independently, they take on leadership roles.

Michelle Rose Gilman envisioned an educational revolution when she founded Fusion 27 years ago. She created a way of schooling committed to wellness, artistic growth, and personalized education.

From yoga classes to frequent check-ins by teachers to an emphasis on mindfulness, Fusion prioritizes students’ mental and emotional health as much as their academic achievement.

Those teenage pictures on the wall aren’t of the students; they’re of Fusion Academy teachers, who want students to come into the school and recognize that their teachers were young once too, that they get it.

Fusion gets it. That’s why it’s become one of the leading alternative school choices in the country.

Fusion Academy has a rolling admissions policy. Your student can enroll any time. Visit their website for more information on applying.

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