Emoji Face: The Dangers of Over-Tweezing

by Elizabeth Ygartua
by E. Ygartua

Recently, I did a very bad thing. I tweezed my eyebrows into something that looked like commas, and realized it made me look kind of like the mad emoji. Not a good look.

I have not touched them in a couple of months, and thankfully they’ve grown back. My mother has always said: “Be careful about plucking, as they may not grow back!”

Years ago, I over-plucked them, and heard you can use castor oil to make them grow faster. I got a disposable mascara wand from Ulta and applied it every night. I’m not sure if it was the castor oil or the fact I didn’t touch them, but they did grow back in!

Eyebrows are so important. Not only do they have a functional use — to block sweat and other debris from getting into our eyes — but they also shape our faces and are a way to communicate.

by Elizabeth Ygartua
by E. Ygartua

I’ve had my eyebrows tweezed, waxed, and threaded. The first person I let touch my eyebrows was Audrey Elliot in the cosmetic department at Stanley Korshak. She is amazing at plucking them so they look natural and not over-done.

I then went on to waxing, but I’ve read that it can be damaging to your skin since it pulls so much, so I try to keep the waxing to a minimum. (I am doing everything to stave off wrinkles or Botox.)

I really liked threading, and honestly, afterwards it looked like I had an instant face-lift. Yes, please!

Daily I’ve been using a mascara-like wand from L’Oreal to define and keep my brows in place. I really like the control and color it gives. It fills in the spaces and helps them look fuller. They also have a wonderful eyebrow kit, which comes with an assortment of tools for creating your perfect brow.

by E. Ygartua

Anastasia Beverly Hills is the guru of eyebrows and was one of the first to have an in-home kit. The line has a vast array of pencils, stencils, powders, and gels.

Eyebrows come in all shapes and thicknesses; straight, arched, full, and thin. If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then eyebrows are the frames. Whatever your shape or method of grooming, keep your eyebrows in check so you will always have a pretty expression, and not look like the mad emoji!

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