Breaking vs. Entering: Knowing the Difference

carbreakinSince taking over the Police Reports, I have come to look forward to Monday mornings. It means a new batch of arrest and offense reports in my inbox, and another round of shaking our heads or fits of laughter. A common question we ask here in the office: “How can so many people leave their vehicles/houses unlocked?”

Perhaps it’s time to shed some light on the terminology we use in these reports so you can understand how often people casually leave their property unguarded, and be in on the joke.

If you read about an incident where a burglar “broke into” a house, it should be self-explanatory that force was required to enter the residence or vehicle. However, if a thief “entered” a vehicle or home, that’s code for: house or vehicle were left unlocked. So the key words to look for? “Broke into” or “entered.”

Now go through our reports and count how many thieves there are, and maybe you’ll see why we shake our heads. And perhaps the next time you’re leaving the house, or getting our of your car, you’ll make a conscious effort to lock up your property. We’re just looking out for our readers here.

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