ESD Women’s Soccer Gets Lunch with Carli Lloyd

Today the ESD women’s soccer team attended SMU’s Athletic Forum Luncheon at the Dallas Hilton Anatole. ESD Athletics tweeted this photo of their table.

The forum featured Carli Lloyd, the midfielder for U.S. women’s national soccer team who scored championship game-winning goals in the 2008 Olympics, 2012 Olympics and 2015 FIFA World Cup.

The luncheon falls during Girls Sports Month. USA Today reported this statement by Carli’s coach James Galanis:

“The world will be a better place when girls continue to be involved in sports, because they’ll keep learning and incorporating all the things they learn in sports in the rest of their lives. Sports sets you up for life, and now that we’re having so many more females playing sports we’re getting the rise of females in the corporate world, and that will only increase the more girls remain involved in sports.”

We’re sure the ESD women’s soccer players, who are three-time SPC champions, would agree.

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