Cowboys’ Doctor Nabs Award For Research

Dr. Dan Cooper is no stranger to the limelight. The longtime Dallas Cowboys team physician and Highland Park grad has racked up his fair share of honors including the NFL’s prestigious Jerry “Hawk” Rhea Award in 2013. But hopefully there’s still room on his resume for at least one more.

On March 2, Cooper was given with the Arthur C. Rettig Award for Academic Excellence by the NFL Physician Society. According to the NFLPS, the honor is given annually to an NFL team physician for research in advancing the health and safety of players.

Cooper presented his study, “Return to Play Following Isolated and Combined ACL Reconstruction: 25 Years of Experience Treating NFL Athletes,” at the NFLPS Scientific Meeting and Symposium, where he also received his award.

His co-authors were: Michael Khair, MD; Jim Maurer, ATC; J. Britt Brown, ATC; Hayden McColl, BS; and Robert D. Vandermeer, MD.

For the unfamiliar, Dr. Cooper speaks annually at the HPHS Science Festival about his career and the importance of STEM education. That’s called passing it on folks.

Congrats Dr. Cooper.

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