PH Artist is Putting Pottery on Display

Young Masters '15
Nick Hermanovski’s piece “Wobby-Sobby.”
Nick Hermanovski
Nick Hermanovski

A Preston Hollow resident, and Booker T. Washington senior is putting his art on display at the Dallas Museum of Art as a part of the Young Masters AP fine arts exhibition.

The artist, Nick Hermanovski’s, work “Wobby-Sobby” is one of the 60 pieces in this year’s exhibition. Here is how Hermanovski described his piece:

“Creating a paradox in my porcelain work and finding perfection within imperfection, I designed this series to feature delicate, narrow entrances into voluminous vessels. In throwing the clay, I explore the possibilities and allow the mystery of each pot to evolve. The raw clay bodies encompass the strength and beauty of the glaze that the lip of each pot reveals. The natural imperfections from firing evoke perfection in the character and individuality of each pot.”

Presented by the O’Donnell Foundation and the DMA, the Young Masters AP fine arts exhibition started on Feb. 27 and will conclude on April 17.

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