Watch the Chemicals on Your Skin

In January, resolutions are made, then we can often get distracted with life and they get pushed to the side. But even if we fail in January, we can always pick back up in February.

Consider the first quarter of the year as your time to “renew,” or at least strive to — workouts, eating right, drinking more water, drinking less carbonated or alcoholic drinks — whatever your thing is to jump start a new year. But do you think about renewing your skin? Your makeup? Your brushes? Your hair? What you put in your body is something you think about … do you think about what goes on your body? Your hair? Your face?

I was recently introduced through a friend to Beauty Counter. The products are completely non-toxic. Let me say that again — completely non-toxic! Serums, night creams, under-eye creams, makeup remover, shampoos, body lotions and more; there are even kids products, plus a new color line. And I have it on good authority they’re about to add to the line one of the largest offenders of toxic illnesses, and it’s something everyone uses daily.

There’s so many wonderful “social selling” (BC’s words, not mine, but I love it) cosmetic lines; I will be exploring them all … I mean, the whole concept was created by an amazing woman right here in Dallas. Beauty Counter caught my attention because of their mission and the ingredients not used.

During this month, re-evaluate those items that you put on your skin. Check the toxic chemicals. I’m sure you will be as surprised as I was to know there’s so many chemicals used that could be causing us trouble in the long run. Why not renew your products and start “non-toxic fresh?” In fact, Beauty Counter has a “never” list of those worst offenders. Thanks to them for making it easy to rid ourselves of those harmful ingredients.

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