Study Shows We Eat Lunch at Preston Center

The Preston Center Task Force met again Tuesday night to discuss our parking habits and present findings of a week-long parking study of the garages and surface lots conducted in late January. No surprise, lunch Tuesday through Thursday was the busiest time and “people ‘cruising’ for parking was common.”

Street spaces experienced the most turnover and people parked for longer periods of time in the garages. Shocked I tell you. Take a gander at the parking duration chart on page 18 for the roof of the central garage; 150 cars parked for 6 plus hours on Thursday alone.

Even so, the garage only ever reached 80 percent of capacity. (Oh no! They figured out my secret parking spot!)

NWH-Preston Parking Study

So then what to do about the garage and redevelopment of the area? Here are some scenarios for what Tomorrowland could look like.

NWHwy-Preston Alternative Scenarios

So will the future Preston Center be more purposefully mixed-use or office focused? Will the garage be buried with a rooftop garden?

The task force and and consultant team will present revised scenarios for discussion and input at the next community meeting on March 22.

If you want more information about went down on Tuesday, you can check out Candy’s Dirt.

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