HPHS Freshman Keeps Raising the Bar

HPHS freshman Alexandra Thornton is a strong competitor.
Alexandra Thornton is a strong competitor in the sport of weightlifting.

Alexandra Thornton, a freshman at Highland Park High School, showcased her strength again at the recent Texas State Weightlifting Championships in San Antonio.

Thornton, competing in the 58-kilogram weight class, set a new state records in both the snatch and the clean and jerk with her opening lifts, and then shattered both marks again before the meet was over.

She lifted 132 pounds in the snatch and 165 in the clean and jerk, for a total of 297 pounds, or more than twice her body weight. That total is equivalent to 135 kilograms, since they use the metric system in weightlifting circles.

At any rate, Thornton was recognized as the best youth lifter of the meet, but she was almost upstaged by a member of her own family.

Her younger sister Victoria, a fourth-grader at University Park Elementary School, set new personal bests in the under-11 age group with lifts of 55 pounds in the snatch and 66 in the clean and jerk, for a 121 total.

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