McDermott Bridge Is Rolling Along

A new set of arches has been emerging over the Interstate 30 bridge that is part of the Dallas Horseshoe Project, and it’s named after prominent philanthropist Margaret McDermott.

McDermott, wife of one of the founders of Texas Instruments, made the first contribution that ensured the bridge would be designed by architect and artist Santiago Calatrava.

The Highland Park resident has guided the McDermott Foundation, in honor of her late husband Eugene McDermott, to assist in many areas in need, as well as helped Dallas become the city it is today.

“[McDermott] is about things that are beautiful and, obviously, wanting to make Dallas a better place,” said Gail Thomas, president and CEO of the Trinity Trust.

When it’s finished, the Margaret McDermott Bridge will consist of 16 lanes across the Trinity River beneath white arches.

The bridge is expected to open during the summer of 2017.

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